Getting and Maintaining Compliance was a Total Hassle... So WE FIXED IT!

Automated Compliance Management™ (ACM)

The quickest and most automated compliance system ever created. 
100% complete, highly condensed, insanely affordable!
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What our clients think

Jose Jaquez

“I just wanted to thank you and your company for always providing us with immediate support whenever we need it! From the moment we signed on with SIMBUS we noticed the difference in the level of support. I've never dealt with a company that put this much attention to helping their customers! “

Solace Healthcare

Katie Sullivan

 "SIMBUS has been a great addition to our offering here at HJ Ross and National Chiropractic Council. We are extremely excited about the future and love the new Risk Assessment.  It's a game changer for us and the industry.  We appreciate the support you provide to our members”

National Chiropractic Council

Lisa Steinbrueck

“The ease of use, the graphic way of tracking my progress through the policies and procedures give me a sense of confidence in making sure we are compliant. The Risk Assessment which part of the basic requirement for Medicare compliance has been crucial. Thanks for the hard work.”

Steinbrueck Chiropractic

Trusted by Some of the Greatest Companies

Many companies trust Protect to help manage their privacy, security and compliance.  Protect serves the smallest physician to government, municipalities, universities and health care organizations. Our proprietary tool centralizes and automates the compliance process saving time, money and freeing up valuable resources.

What is Automated Compliance Management?

Automated compliance management is a highly simplified system to assist users in managing all areas of compliance. Start by answering a few questions and set schedules then go through a highly automated, stepped based set of tasks to achieve compliance.  When a task is due, the system automatically sends a reminder and directs you through the entire process.

Built for any size organization
A complete privacy and security management software that is designed to help any size facility get and maintain compliance quickly and affordably. It’s designed to meet the compliance needs of the smallest covered entity or business associate to
the largest Healthcare or Insurance Organization.
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6 Areas of Compliance in One Simple Solution
Having one central repository for compliance creates maximum efficiencies in an organization.  Use 1 component or all 6.  Each module can be turned off if not in use.  Print vital reports if needed to prove continuous efforts.
The Most Condensed Policies and Procedures and Risk Assessment
Meet the legal requirement by completing only 19 Policies and 19 Procedures with nothing left out.  The industry standard has more than 85 polices and 85 procedures.  Our Risk Assessment is only 56 Questions and gives an automated report with complete findings and recommendations based on every answer.
Intuitive dashboard, help videos throughout and no software to install 
Purchase the program and upon successful checkout get immediate access to the cleanest user interface on the market.  Watch help videos in each module and finish the section and move on to the next.  Full support inside means you're never left guessing what to do next. 
Add these additional features:

Simulated Phishing Software

Our simple method for conducting simulated phishing attacks combined with our security awareness courses will help you combat phishing threats. Send emails and evaluate the human element of security and determine which employees need training.

OSHA Training

Our 100% online OSHA training courses are designed to teach workplace safety and reduce job site hazards efficiently and effectively.  Assign training to staff an create and store history.  All courses come with a quiz and certificate of completion.

Security Management

AI Driven Threat Protection. Get in front of malicious cyberattacks with the data science driven power of artificial intelligence (AI). CylancePROTECT works where most attacks occur - at the endpoint - for better efficacy, faster resolution, and less disruption.
Have More Questions?

We love giving demos.  Click the button to the right and use our auto-scheduler and pick a day and time.