New AI Compliance Solution for MSPs, Law Firms, Accounting Firms and IT Companies

The "FIRST" HIPAA Compliance Solution Enhanced with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Leveraging AI for HIPAA Compliance is a Game-Changer for Small to Mid-Sized Medical Practices. The use of AI facilitates improved productivity, better compliance management, and enhanced patient privacy.

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AI and HIPAA Compliance: A Perfect Match for Small to Medium Size Practices

The use of AI facilitates improved productivity, better compliance management, and enhanced patient privacy.

Using AI in HIPAA compliance can bring significant benefits to healthcare organizations. It can automate the identification, categorization, and protection of sensitive patient health information reducing the risk of accidental disclosure or data breaches.
Implementing AI to "enhance" systems, protocols, policies, and procedures in small to medium-sized medical practices can substantially enhance operational efficiency and patient privacy.

When it comes to policy and procedure development, AI can examine and customize a vast array of data, including medical literature, regulatory guidelines, and the practice's historical data, to provide recommendations on optimal policies and procedures tailored to the practice's unique needs.

It can also continuously update these protocols based on new data and changes in regulations, ensuring the practice remains compliant and up-to-date.

AI: A New Approach to HIPAA Compliance

Use AI to automate data protection, streamline policy management, personalize training, mitigate risk assessments, and optimize forms and documentation

Protect Data
Reduce the risk of accidental disclosure or data breaches by automating and categorizing the protection of sensitive patient health information (PHI)
Risk Mitigation
Identify vulnerabilities and areas of non-compliance, and prioritize them based on the level of risk they pose and address these areas proactively
Policy Management
Real time recommendations to keep polices and procedures up to date and ensure the practice's policies remain in line with the most recent HIPAA regulations
Training Enhancement
Personalize and enhance training programs based on an individual's role, learning pace, and the practice's unique needs
Document Management
Streamline the management of forms and documentation needed for HIPAA compliance to ensure all patient data is handled in accordance with regulations
Protect Your Patients, Practice and Personnel

Protect your practice using the most advanced, condensed, state-of-the-art HIPAA Compliance Solution on the market. Save time and resources by using pure automation to get and maintain compliance quickly and affordably.  

Complete training, full support, 30 day money back guarantee

Spencer Allen (Client & Reseller)


“Protect has everything I need to offer my customers.  There are many other solutions out there but Protect is the only true product I've seen that offers this many areas of compliance under one dashboard.  I'm looking forward to offering the new additions to Protect like OSHA and Simulated Phishing Software.  It's a good addition and necessary in this environment."

Susan Schulte (Partner/owner)

SKHITC Consulting

“I researched more than 60 different solutions to manage my clients compliance needs and this was by far the winner.  I like the automation, the simplicity and overall user experience.  Also Dave (Owner) is always willing to listen to my clients needs and feature requests.  I look forward to working with him and the staff as they are always very responsive and treat my clients with respect. 

Lisa Steinbrueck (Client)

Steinbrueck Chiropractic

“The ease of use, the graphic way of tracking my progress through the policies and procedures give me a sense of confidence in making sure we are compliant. The Risk Assessment which part of the basic requirement for Medicare compliance has been crucial. Thanks for the hard work.”

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